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Preventative Maintenance

Equipment Maintenance

All equipment, including electronic your security systems, need regular preventative maintenance to ensure it continues to operate correctly. Security cameras and detectors collect dust, wires connected to security devices become damaged and batteries run down. In order to ensure that your electronic security system will deliver the protection at all times it is important to keep it in good working order. If a fault occurred within your system that went undetected and allowed a burglary to go undeterred, the heartbreak of this can be very traumatic to you and your family. If an electronic security system had a fault but the fault was not found until after a crime has been committed and the user wanted to view the footage, or the Police requested the evidence and it was not able to be provided, it would mean that the investment in the security system was of no value. Having a preventative maintenance plan for your electronic security system will reduce the risk of undetected faults and help ensure that you continue to receive value for your investment in a security system. Conducting periodic inspection and servicing of your security system helps to detect any unseen problems with your system.


ASSL offers a complete comprehensive maintenance package for all new and existing customers and it is available for all makes and models of alarm systems. Our periodic inspection and servicing plans have been designed by our own engineers, by utilizing their extensive knowledge of the numerous manufacturers and products, We are able to offer suitable maintenance contracts for Alarm Systems, Electric Gates & CCTV systems.
With a regular preventative maintenance plan you don’t have to remember when your security system requires a preventative maintenance check-up. We will automatically schedule a preventative maintenance visit when your site is due for an inspection.

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