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Vehicle Tracking

IntelTrack is an AI-powered vehicle tracking, telematics and smart security solution.

Vehicle Tracking

The region’s premier security provider is now certified in ISO 9001, ISO 18788 and ANSI/ASIS PSC1.

Our Expertise Vehicle Tracking

With over 10 years experience and thousands of units installed, Amalgamated Security Services (Barbados) Limited is the premier provider of location-based services in the Caribbean.


IntelTrack is an AI-powered vehicle tracking, telematics and smart security solution. We offer multiple devices for vehicle, fleet, personal and asset tracking. Our vehicle tracker is a smart accessory that connects you and your fleet through a smartphone app or a web portal to keep our users safe, informed and in control 24/7.


IntelTrack AMB devices securely transfer data from your vehicle to your smartphone or web portal in real-time. It provides you with real-time speed and distance, intelligent insights about your fleet’s fuel efficiency, driving patterns, and keeps a detailed log of your trips.


By leveraging big data and artificial intelligence, we’re able to track your valuable items, even in dead zones. These devices coupled with access to our web-based portal and mobile application service provides a robust and reliable GPS monitoring solution to meet any requirements.

With Inteltrack Management Solutions

With Inteltrack, when used as a fleet management solution customers get the ability to do:

  • Zoning vehicle movements by territory
  • Monitoring scheduled activities for compliance
  • Route logging and planned versus actual trip routing comparison
  • Instant vehicle location with no time delay
  • Multiple vehicle tracking at the same time
  • Emergency contact information on demand
  • Address look up, text directions
  • Maintenance records and vehicle service dates
  • Tracking of driver patterns
  • Anti-theft device
  • Ability to signal for help in times of distress
  • Roadside Assistance

With Inteltrack Tracking Services

With the ASSL Inteltrack system, whether used for vehicle tracking, cell phone tracking or other asset tracking, customers get:

  • Multi-user access
  • Online real time tracking
  • Driving Directions
  • Emergency Alert – Panic Button
  • Flexibility of Emergency Instructions
  • Reconstruction of Incidents
  • Notifications
  • Special Mapping, Map Overlays – Layers
  • Reports
  • User Control

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