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Prisoner Transportation

Our motto “Justice on Time”

Prisoner Transportation

Our Expertise Prisoner Transportation

Each vehicle used on the Prisoner Transportation Service has been specially modified to ensure the safe transport of prisoners. Our experienced officers and specially designed and outfitted, GPS-equipped motor vehicles ensure maximum security for both inmates and officers. Under our Prisoner Transportation Service the Company has transported on average over 120,000 prisoners per year. We stress safety and on-time delivery/pickup. We maintain an excellent safety record and our clients rave about our reliability. Our strong service network guarantees that if an emergency occurs, immediate management response is provide – 24×7. From the inception of the service to the present there have been no losses on the prisoner transportation service that could be attributed to Amalgamated. We have also never had a single incident of labour unrest. In addition we have never been held liable for any late arrivals at courts in keeping with our motto “Justice on Time”.

Prisoner Transportation

Amalgamated Security Services Limited is the only Caribbean company to transport prisoners on behalf of the Government. ASSL has, since 1995, operated the Prisoner Transportation Service for the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Our Prisoner Transportation Division provides the service to all the courts in Trinidad by transporting inmates to and from the Prisons, Institutions and Detention Centers in Trinidad.

Under this service we transport all categories of inmates:

Male Remand

01 Male Remand

Male Juvenile

02 Male Juvenile

Male Convicted

03 Male Convicted

Female Juvenile

01 Female Juvenile

Female Remand

05 Female Remand

Mentally Challenged

06 Mentally Challenged

Female Convicted

07 Female Convicted

Male Juvenile

08 Male Juvenile

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