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Amalgamated Security Services (Guyana) Inc is a subsidiary of Amalgamated Security Services Limited

Amalgamated Security Services (Guyana) Inc was established to provide a range of much-needed security services in Guyana in both the private and public security markets and began operations in December of 2014. We provide services to an ever-expanding range of clients including those in the retail, industrial, commercial and hospitality sectors, for clients who are both locally or overseas-based. We also service governmental requirements, both domestic and foreign.

At Amalgamated Security we consider contract security to be much more than a guard standing watch. A security officer's role entails meeting the public in a professional, courteous manner as well as being an official representative for your business or property. To provide the highest level of service for our clients, Amalgamated Security Services (Guyana) Inc requires its employees to undergo extensive background checks and a rigorous training program that typically exceeds the requirements of other security companies – the industry’s most stringent. They are designed to extract only capable, trustworthy and motivated personnel.

We provide a range of security services that include uniformed or non-uniformed guards, undercover security, parking enforcement and all types of patrol services. We guarantee our services and we provide the highest quality security service in the industry without passing on the cost to our clients. 

One of our strengths is our commitment to the highest standards of excellence and integrity; we are devoted to the expert protection of life and property. Efficientprofessional and reliable are our core values. Amalgamated Security is committed to keeping abreast of the latest philosophies and maintaining a state-of-the-art infrastructure as these enable us to deliver superior offerings and service.

Our employees are supported by a Management Team that has extensive experience in the security industry. Our management team has the expertise to work with you in defining the security requirements within your organisation. At Amalgamated Security we recognize that people want solutions to a wide variety of security issues on both a personal and corporate level. In addition to the personal meetings with our management, Amalgamated Security provides its clients with a security-oriented quarterly magazine that is delivered directly to their email mailbox. We provide consistently high-quality service throughout the Caribbean, whether in Guyana or Antigua or Grenada or St Lucia, or Trinidad and Tobago or Barbados.

 Our offices are located at:

  • Duncan Street, Bel Air Park, Georgetown
  • Ruimveldt, Georgetown

  • New Amsterdam, Berbice

  • Linden

  • Land of Plenty. Essequibo

Our Vision

To be the first-choice provider of trusted and reliable security solutions and services that protect and secure communities.

Our Mission

To excel in the protection of life and property of our customers by applying scientific advancements and technology solutions that are apace with evolving global trends, and deliver unrivalled quality services by trained, professional and committed staff who are empowered to create profitable growth while feeling part of a dynamic growing business.

Our Core Values

  • Duty
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Vigilance
  • Courage
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Available Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM EST

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Where We Serve


Amalgamated Security, Trinidad

Tel: (868) 626-2775, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Amalgamated Security, Guyana

Tel: (592) 600-4512, Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Amalgamated Security, Barbados

Tel: (246) 537-2775, Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Amalgamated Security, Grenada

Tel: (473) 435-2775, Mail:  

Amalgamated Security, St. Lucia

Tel: (758) 450-9171, Mail: 

Amalgamated Security, Antigua

Tel: (268) 562-7679, Mail: