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Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention

Tips for Business Owners

  • Keep products such as broad tipped markers and spray paints from being easily accessed by youths. Stock them in an area that will be less tempting for shoplifting. Don’t sell these types of products to people under the age of 18. This helps cut down on the amount of graffiti and vandalism in the community.
  • For safety and security purposes, it’s recommended that business owners keep a percentage of their windows clear. This promotes better visibility.
  • Maintain good lighting inside the store and in the parking area.
  • If finances are available, install video surveillance, along with recording capabilities. This aids law enforcement in an investigation if you are a victim of a crime. It’s also recommended to install a basic alarm system as well.
  • Businesses should post clearly marked signs for “No Loitering” which should be strictly enforced.
  • If you fall victim to crime, just try to be the best witness you can be. Don’t do anything heroic in a hostile situation. Contact the police immediately. If the suspect(s) flee, don’t touch any areas that the suspect may have touched and don’t authorize any other customers to enter the establishment afterwards until authorized by the police.
  • Only keep minimal amount of money in the registers that is needed to properly run the business for the day. Any extra money should be secured in a secure vault that’s out of view and that is bolted or secured to a permanent fixture in the business.
  • Report any suspicious activity, any suspicious people and vehicles to the police. You may have information that may be helpful to the police and other business owners. If there is any activity that you need to be made aware of, there is a business e-mail tree currently in effect. Contact the Ansonia Police Dept. for more information regarding the e-mail tree system.
  • Make sure that you are checking identification for the sale of all alcohol, tobacco and lottery products.
  • Keep video surveillance monitor out of view of the public that enters the store. You don’t want to advertise what your cameras are able to record and what they cannot. Always make sure your video equipment is functioning properly and is always recording.
  • Another valuable feature regarding an alarm system, especially if it’s a fairly large business, is pocket size panic buttons. They work as a silent alarm just as if you were activating it from behind a counter, but it stays with you while you’re out on the floor of your business.
  • For businesses that sell high end products such as jewelry, it’s a good practice to request ID for those who ask to handle expensive merchandise over a specific amount, so that this may avoid an incident where an individual asks for a closer look at a particular item and then flees the store with the product.

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