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Mr. Khaidem Neblett

Mr. Khaidem Neblett

Profile: Khaidem is a 20 year old Amalgamated Security Services officer who has been representing T&T at the international Taekwondo stage for the past four years. Khaidem is a champion athlete and we at Amalgamated Security Services are proud of our colleague and his accomplishments.

For the year 2017 he has achieved the following

  • Aruba Open Challenge gold medal in the 80kg division
  • Aruba Open Challenge gold medal in the heavyweight division 

For the year 2016 he has achieved the following:

  • Gold medal at the Pan American games in Queretaro, Mexico. 
  • Gold medal at the Costa Rica Open Championships. 
  • At the Trinidad and Tobago national qualifiers he took both the gold medal and the award for the best senior fighter of the year.
  • Top 10 nominee for male athlete of the year at the First Citizens Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year Awards for the year 2016.

We salute young adults such as Khaidem for their discipline and dedication. As an officer of our organization we gladly support him in achieving his dream of World Championship and Olympic Gold in 2020.

Good morning, the Executive Chairman; Mr. Michael Aboud, The Chief Administrative Officer; Mrs. Pamela Hosein, the Chief Operations Officer; Mr. Curtis Cummings, other Members of the Executive, Members of management; all Divisional Heads, our officers, members of the Anthony Joseph family, recipients of the Anthony Joseph Grant 2017, the esteemed media.

Before I introduce myself to you all I would like to first thank our Chairman Mr. Michael Aboud for giving me this opportunity to share my story with you.

My name is Khaidem Neblett and I am an Amalgamated Security officer and one of the top athletes in the country. All of this happened based on one decision I made when I was jammed against a wall with all my fears in front of me saying do or die. At age 15 I was arrested and placed in the Youth Training Centre (YTC) for two weeks, where the judge sent me to the St. Michael’s Home for boys. There I then spent 3 years with no support from family; parents, aunts or uncles. For those 3 years it was like I was living an adult life at age 15; I worked for every single thing that I needed: from my clothes to the tooth paste that I brushed my teeth with. While in there I started doing the sport Taekwondo and saw that it was my breakthrough to make something of- and for myself. Later that same year I got the opportunity to compete at the Trinidad and Tobago national Taekwondo qualifier which was also my first ever Taekwondo competition. I was a bronze medallist after barely making it on the team but I did it. So at age 15 I became a national junior Taekwondo athlete for Trinidad and Tobago and the rest is history.

In 2015 I began to work with Amalgamated Security Services Limited as a security officer attached to the Critical Incident Unit (CIU) where the Chairman, Mr. Aboud picked up on my talent and has supported me ever since through various tournaments and further supports my dream of becoming an Olympian. I went from a teen with no support to finding a family at ASSL who believes in me, supports my dreams and reinforces positive values in all aspects of my life; Amalgamated Security has made my dreams and goals theirs.

Taekwondo has helped me to get a hold of my life and set it on a different path but the support I received from ASSL truly solidified my goals and made my dreams closer to reality.
I went from being an barely controllable teen to a top Taekwondo athlete within the country and internationally but that wasn’t just handed to me, I worked hard and long for my accomplishments. My job at Amalgamated gives me the stability I need, I have studied and trained diligently and here I am today to tell you that a little hard work only helps a little – you have to be dedicated, Work hard for what you want, own it, enjoy doing it, and you can achieve whatever you dream of – once you put the right effort into it and prove to your supporters that you are worth being supported.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and I thank you for your time.

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