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Benefits Card

Amalgamated Security Employee Benefits Card is Amalgamated Security Services Limited premier discount card for all employees of ASSL. To view our participating providers/vendors, click the link to the right. Be sure to read and understand the Terms and Conditions of the Employee Benefits Card.


In the case of amendment to these terms and conditions, Amalgamated Security Services Limited will notify all employees. The changes can also be accessed at

  1. The ASSL Employee-Benefit Card is exclusively owned by Amalgamated Security Services Limited.
  2. To claim your discount, the ASSL Employee-Benefit Card must be presented to an eligible provider before paying the bill and not after the bill is paid. Presenting the card after paying will forfeit an employee’s right to the discount.
  3. Employees are responsible for safekeeping their cards.
  4. In the event the card is lost or stolen, the employee must inform the Human Resource Department. A replacement card will incur a (xx) cost.
  5. The ASSL Employee Benefits Card is not transferrable. Providers may ask you to show photo identification to confirm that you are the ASSL Employee-Benefit Card holder.
  6. Any attempted misuse, an act of dishonesty, and/or breach of ASSL’s Code of Conduct will result in cancellation or revocation of the card.
  7. ASSL will not be held responsible for cancellation and/or modification of services, offers, and discounts from providers.
  8. ASSL has exercised/will exercise all reasonable efforts to ensure that all information contained in the Amalgamated Security Services Employee-Benefit Card Program is accurate at the time of printing and/or publication and re-publication. However, conditions with providers are subject to change. ASSL shall not be liable for any damage, expense, inconvenience, or loss incurred by any person as a result of this information.
  9. ASSL Employee Benefit Cardholders are advised to check relevant information at before visiting a participating provider.
  10. The use of your ASSL Employee-Benefit Card may not be available in conjunction with any other offers that participating provider might be running at the same time.
  11. ASSL will not be under any obligation to become involved in any dispute between an employee and any participating provider. Complaints can only be taken up with the participating provider and ASSL notified.
  12. ASSL reserves the right to immediately and without notice cancel your ASSL Employee –Benefit Card at its absolute discretion for any reason whatsoever including, inter alia if any information supplied to Amalgamated Security Services Limited by you is incorrect or misleading.
  13. ASSL reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time by publishing a notice on its website www.ASSL.comAmalgamatedEmployee-BenefitCard to that effect.
  14. ASSL will maintain a list of providers participating in the Employee Benefits Card program on its website but ASSL does not warrant that any provider will remain a participant. Where discounts differ from publication(s) on ASSL’s website, an employee should report it to the Human Resource Department for due attention. Amalgamated Security Services Limited will under no circumstances be held liable for such difference.
  15. Providers reserve the right to refuse the ASSL Employee-Benefit Card and the application of any discount for some or all their goods and/or services at their absolute discretion.
  16. By using the Employee Benefits Card, the employee accepts all terms and conditions outlined herein.
  17. Employee agrees that continued use of the Card constitutes agreement to prevailing terms and conditions at the time of use.

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